A Texas pastor has sued Kanye West for copyright infringement over Kanye’s song “Come to Life” off the Donda album. The complaint, which names “YE f/k/a Kanye West” and others as defendants, alleges plaintiff’s ownership of a sound recording of a sermon he delivered. It alleges further that Ye’s song:

“Come to Life” is approximately five minutes and ten seconds (5:10) in length. Approximately one minute and ten seconds (1:10) of this sound recording is sampled directly from Plaintiff’s sermon and appears to run on a loop underscoring the pre-chorus and chorus throughout the song in question.

The offending samples in the song are identified as the lines:

My soul cries out, “Hallelujah”
And I thank God for saving me
I, I thank God

Hallelujah (Thank You, Jesus)
Hallelujah (Yes)

You can listen to the song here.